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About us

About US

We are a bunch of problem resolver, when faced multiple problem in letting there house on rent gave birth to Safekeys

So what really happened?


Rohan working in MNC and like every individual waiting for an oppurtunity for going onsite/abroad to work. Finally the day came and was ready to move, but wait!!!! WHAT about his house, who will take care of his house???


To whom should he handover the keys so that any tenants can see his house for rent. 

Friends -> They can show only during weekend or after office hours. And that too limited time, he cannot ask them to show his house every time a tenant enquire for rent.


Neighbour -> He knew his neighbour but it was more on casual relationship. He couldn't ask them and moreover they were also tenant there so if they move out, it will be a big problem.


Watchmen -> Seeing no other alternative, he has handover the keys to his watchmen.


And soon his nightmare begin!!!! Watchmen was not responsive, asked for money everytime a potentail tenants use to come to see his house.

Moreover house started getting dusty and need periodically cleaning. Multiple calls in middle of night, GOD the time difference between two country was a big problem.


Finally with the help of his friend Ashish, his house was letted out for rent. But after 8 months tenant vecated and the cycle started again. His friend Ashishwas again his survivor.


Then it struck both of them that what would someone stuck in such a scenario do? Not everyone will have friend like Ashishto help. So they decided to make a website which helps you to handover the house keys to a professional team and who can do all End to End work.

Rental Assistance

Property Management

Property Agreements
Repair and Maintenance

And here we are Safekeys, solving the problem of many.

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