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Property Management

Annual Contract

This service is very useful when owners wants to get ALL the periodic information about the maintenance of the property. Is it well maintained? Is tenant taking care of it?

Property Inspections

Perform periodic inspections (Inside and outside) on a defined schedule looking for maintenance and repair.

Send owner periodic pics on the condition of the property. Pics of the complete property will be taken and will be shared to owner over a secured location.

Repair and Maintenance

As a part of our periodic inspection, if there are any repairs like carpentry, plumbing, electrical, we can capture the issue and work with owner to get it fix

Complete details of the task carried out will be shared with the owner.

Property Tax and Monthly Maintenance

Visit the repective Govt office and pay the Cash/DD/Cheque for Property Tax paid by the owner and mail the soft copy and courier the hard copy to owner address

Collect the Monthly Maintenance from Owner/Tenant and pay to the society.

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